Friday, October 4, 2013

The Lurgey

The lurgey has got me in it's death grip.  Basic things like breathing and sleeping are now monumental efforts.  My nose and sinuses. Imploded.  I really just want to get better, please. Please.

Since the lurgey attacked, I have:

1. Put my slow cooker to use by having hot apple cider on the boil all day long
2. Watched all of the Harry Potter films. And discovered TWO are missing. So upsetting. 
3. Steam baths. Steam baths make my heart beat fast.
4. Zelda. To Zelda or not to Zelda. That is the question.
5. Bought ridiculous things for the wedding. [Cone of shame]
6. Not left the house for four days.
7. Developed a thorough hatred for dust.

In other news, as of today, I get married in 3 months! It was has been a 10-month engagement, and it's nearly over and I'm so excited! Wahey!

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