Thursday, March 12, 2009

Leela Gilday

I found this by accident and she is wonderful!

Brief Interruption

As a brief interruption from my tales of Oxford.

Last night, Mr. Murdo and I sat down to dinner and we talked about grandparents, aging, family, marraige, and relationships. He talked about his relationship with Emma, and knowing God. Later that evening, Ms. Emma sat in that same chair and told me how one has to work at relationships, especially in one's marriage.

It reminded me of in Genesis of how the two will become one flesh. Two people, brought together by the bond of marriage, and sharing very similar thoughts on the topic of marriage in the same chair within hours of each other, having no idea that the other had said something similar. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I began to feel sick the day I went Hillwalking. And the frustrating thing is it hasn't gone away. The doctors don't know what's the manner, and I find them very hastily seeing me and then pushing me out the door. Mostly, I'm exhausted and feel badly.

Last Thursday, I went to Oxford to visit the Harvey family, who delighted and encouraged me. I've known them in Singapore, Durham, and now the UK, and they were most kind to have me. On the Thursday, I took an early morning train through Scotland's Borderlands: the rolling hills and bright morning sun. I saw two fawns frolicking in a meadow, a rabbit and two crows playing chase, and many many baby 'lamblings' as I called them. Mrs. Harvey met me at the train station and we walked along the canal back to their home, which was entirely charming! They have a lovely garden that backs up onto the canal. After a bit of a rest, we walked through the town and saw Worcester College and Balliol, stopped by the original Blackwells where I found a copy of "Dante's Footprints," saw the Bodlean Library, stopped at the Martyr Monument where 3 saints were burned!, and finally, to the Bird and Baby, the Eagle and Child, the Fetus and Fowl, the pub of the Inklings, of C.S. Lewis, of Tolkien.

Will write about the following days later. Too tired at the moment.