Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 15, 2011

I have a million things to write about but here is small snapshot. Fran has come home to NC and met the family. This is us having a small fire on our second night, with Abby driving 2 hours to come see us from Boone. Fran had never had s'mores so we introduced them to him for about 10 seconds before the rain poured down. Annabelle caused entertainment as usual.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breaking the 10 Commandments

Yesterday, Sanna came to nanny with me. Being an expert in drawing, she taught Thing 1 how to draw manga much to his delight. Back in the day, Sanna had created a short film with her and her sister of a Star Wars duel, with light sabers, where Sanna kills Sofia. (here is the facebook link:

Thing 1 thought it was brilliant. Thing 2 takes me aside with a light saber, and looks all serious. He says, "You know your friend Sanna? "
"Well she broke one of the 10 commandments"
"Oh really? Which one did she break?" Thinking, what on earth could Sanna have done?!
"She killed somebody"
"What?! How?"
"In that video, she killed her sister."
"Ooooh, no she didn't. I promise she's not a murderer."
"So you mean it was just a movie?"
"Yes, JUST a movie."
Thing 2 Lunges at me with a light saber and I turn to run, hoping he hasn't gotten any new ideas...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sanna is here

Sanna is here to visit me! Sanna is inspiring. Almost everything about Sanna is inspiring. From the way she makes jokes to the way she wears her hair. Such grand love.

Sanna's outfit on our trip to Glasgow

Sanna's outfit as 18th century poet, complete with poet sleeves, stockings, and breeches. Also proud to have a A Room of One's Own, with a brand new and brightly clean duvet.

Will write more about our inspiring activities soon. Love x


The lovely family I nanny for has extended my position so I can nanny for them next year!!!!! I have SUCH a good time with the boys, Thing 1 and Thing 2. One time we pulled out the sofa bed and took turns belting out our favorite song on the ipod and Thing 2 had an AMAZING dance move. Will see if I can post a photo later... Yesterday, the boys played soccer with their neighbors and I was kindly asked to be the commentator. I need to brush up on my players per team. Thing 1 wanted to be Liverpool and all I could think of was Kenny Dalglish and who wants to be someone that old? Anyhow excited to continue because I have still yet to see JK Rowling at their school and the statistics of probability are now on my side...