Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Joy

I am sat at my desk writing an essay the day before its due, listening to Fleet Fox, drinking a beer, watching Indy roam about the room, contemplating spiritual matters, and find myself inexorably happy. Its just one of those moments where everything seems to align and make sense.

I am writing an essay on Julian of Norwich and find here some of the most beautiful and spiritual literature I've ever encountered. God gave her a series of revelations which took the pains to write down, and all concern the overwhelming love of God.

For example, at point she had overwhelming joy and overwhelming sorrow; joy then sorrow; joy then sorrow. In this she found that neither is necessarily a result of man's goodness or sinfulness, but "both is one love." She writes: it is speedfull to some soules to feele on this way, sometume to be in comfrot and sometime for to fail and to be left to themselves. God will that we know that he kepeth us ever alike sure, in woe and wele; and for profit a man's soul a man is sometimes left to hymself, though his sin is not always the cause.

Thus the emphasis is on the constancy of divine affection. This strikes me as a beautiful thought.

Here is fleet fox from their new album. I'm kind of in love with their harmonies:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indiana Jones

So Indy's name leads to other great namesakes-- foremostly the great explorer, professor, and adventurer Indiana Jones. Indy is so curious and will cautiously sniff one bit go away and return a few seconds later. She quite surprised us the other day when she managed this little feat.

Skippy Indy

Now, Indy loves to run around the room and ocasionally she'll do a really cute flick and twitch while she's in mid-air. Apparently, thats a sign that they're happy and I well believe it. (Ok, really only the first 15 seconds of this is worth watching)


A couple weeks ago, I was skyping Angela and she pulled up her bunny to say 'hey' and she offhanded mentioned I should get one. It was like a shaft into my being, and suddenly I wanted a bunny. I was inconsolable and finally, dear Fran agreed he'd take me to get one. We went to a farm in Sprouston-Kelso where a lady had a little of rex-lion hair crosses. I let Fran pick her out, and he chose the runt, a small black and white bunny. On the drive back, we narrowed down names and finally settled on Indy, mostly in honor of the ship The Indefatigable in the Hornblower TV Series. So here she is:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Etheral Ambitions List

Rebecca and I met at the tail-end of our senior year and forged a fast friendship over books and thoughts and dissertations. We arranged to read Virgil together and, alternatingly, translate ten lines each week. We've begun with Book IV with the ever fascinating Dido. Dido's passions and fears, anxieties, impulses, and (intentional?) misperceptions intrigue me. Rebecca recommended C. Pharr's edition of Virgil and it has been wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone who remotely thinks in Latin. I often find it difficult to motivate myself toward intellectual aspirations that seem... otiose. Yet each week, I find myself facing my fear of translating something daunting, and I'm absolutely awful at it, but I like that this gives me the opportunity to improve at something I'd normally not bother, or put it on the etheral ambitions-list. You know, the one that begins with, learn 7 seven languages, drink tibetan butter tea, row the atlantic in a pontoon...

To do this week

buy flowers
clean shower
get bunny to tee tee in litter tray


On Tuesday I will begin to nanny for a dear family at my church. The children go to Hogwarts. JK Rowling sends her children there. All well wishers, wish me luck!