Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thoughts on a Thursday

- This is August. It must be butterfly season. They are simply everywhere. I saw one flit though the bottom of an open window, have a look about the room, and then flit through the top of the window to leave.

-  I will never understand instagram food photos. So gross.

- The Spurgeon Morning and Evening phone app has been one of my favorite things lately.  I have enjoyed it so thoroughly and this surprises me.

- I have taught Indy and Felix to feed from my hand.  This appears a very good agreement between us. They are delightful.

- I have rediscovered my highschool love for running.  What a dormant thing it has been, for such a long time.  It is interesting how something so forgotten can give the same, what shall I call it, shall we say pleasure, once again?  Lewis makes a big fuss about something like this.  And then, what was it that Eric Liddel said? 'When I run, I feel God's pleasure'?
  Yes, that was it. The riverside of Durham is easily one of the most beautiful places to imagine that possible.

- Reading has once again become a pleasure. American literature, especially Southern Literature. I love it. I love the old Southern world Thomas Wolfe paints with his biscuits and collard greens.  I am charmed by Walker Percy's one-liners. Like this one:
"At night the years come back and perch around my bed like ghosts.” -The Moveigoer

Or this:
"Have you noticed that the narrower the view the more you can see? For the first time I understand how old ladies can sit on their porches for years.” -Lancelot

It has been awhile since I have truly been taken with an author or a book, but those mopey lost-generation authors have done it. Fitzgerald and Hemingway. I read them first at fourteen and this time round, I think, perhaps, I understand them better.

Monday, August 19, 2013

While at home

Home was just as lovely as ever. Food was a big highlight.

  • I ate my body weight in queso and chips
  • We had a low-country boil
  • I ate boiled peanuts as my dinner four times
  • Fresh vegetables from the garden
  • More BBQ than I could shake a stick at
In addition to that it included:
  • a most lovely bridal shower
  • wedding planning stuff 
  • shark week
  • a trip Georgia to see family
  • skeet shooting
  • a week at the beach 
  • a trip to Charleston 
  • kayaking on the Edisto River
  • fishing boat in the ocean 
  • reading
  • porches and rocking chairs and sweet tea 
  • lots of good time with family
It was so good and so lovely and I had such a good good time.