Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have six minutes left in an internet cafe. Florence is beautiful. Uffizi was wonderful and I think I have a crush on the absolutely perfect David by Michelangelo. Found some amazing stores and its loads of fun just walking around. Going to a free concerto in Dante's church tonight. Love. N

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I dislike the guilt associated with a blog.

Rome. Arrived and the sun was out and it was warm. Pretty easy to find our room which is unexpectedly nice. I'm afraid Liz and I have been terribly lazy. Sleeping in to 9 then going on a tour of the city pretty much every day. We went to the Collosseum and Palantine and Roman Forum which were pretty amazing. Just ruins, but a bit overwhelming.

Next day we went to see the Circus Maximus and that was just a field of green now. Went inside a church with the skull of Saint Valentine and his story is pretty cool. Some emperor wanted to make marraiges illegal because ... I can't remember, and he preformed them anyway. On the day of his execution, he wrote a letter to the jailer's daughter and upon opening the letter received her sight.

Did you know Christians weren't actually killed in the Collosseum but in other parts around Rome? There's a really cool story about saint lawrence and his death, and if I remember it I will tell it later.

The food and wine have been unbelievably good. The day here revolves around meals. Light breakfast, late lunch, late dinner.

So far been to see the Catacombs-- way cool and the Vatican, though crowded, was excellent. The Sistine Chapel was tremendous and Michelangelo had a sense of humor! Off to Bologna to see dear Corban tomorrow.